Sofia Essaïdi (Murders in the Auvergne region, France 3) : “today, I am truly an actress”

Sofia Essaïdi (Meurtres en Auvergne, France 3) : "Aujourd'hui, je me sens véritablement comédienne"

On the occasion of the broadcast of Murder in the Auvergne, Saturday, January 12, on France 3, and in replay on the site Sofia Essaïdi reflects his passion for the profession of actress.

Sofia Essaïdi was successful with his conversion. After having tested his vocal cords in the Star Ac’ and be ungainly in Dancing with the stars, the actress born in 1984 and embodies the interviewer, heroine of Murder in the Auvergne region. Here is the interview that we had granted, on the occasion of the first broadcast of the telefilm in September 2017. France 3 rebroadcasts the fiction this Saturday, January 12th at 21h, and it will be available in replay on

Tv-Leisure : How were you approached for the Murders in Auvergne ?

Sofia Essaïdi : Thierry Binisti, the director, made me this proposal. We were jurors together at the Festival de Luchon, two years ago. This was a thunderbolt artistic and human. We were told that we would work together, but we hear a lot of this kind of promises in the business ! [She laughs.]

You learned this fiction ?

I have long confused fragility and weakness. This film made me realize that the flaws could be a force. As Aurélie [his character], I also put a knee on the ground a few years ago. I worked so much that I forgot to live. I realized that I was no longer happy.

You are rather solar, then that Aurélie is dark. Have you enjoyed playing the role of composition ?

It is true that I suffered during my first few years, only to see me to propose that the roles of women smiling. It made me suffer that the people in the business stop at this image. It’s been some time now that I am working with a coach in a profound way and thoroughly. It is extremely rewarding. I’ve spent years screaming from the rooftops that I existed, but it was only when I started to really work as the opportunities presented themselves.

Do you remember the moment when you were told that you were a real actress ?

I have believed for a long time as I was, simply because I had decreed it [She laughs.] and that I had turned in a few fictions. I quickly stopped the day where I understood all the work that was waiting for me ! Today, I am truly an actress. When I arrived on the plateau, and I hear : “Action !”… life is never more beautiful than at that moment.

Your experience as an actress is expanding, you does one speak less of the Star Ac’ and Dancing with the stars ?

A little bit less. I do not deny anything, so I don’t have a problem talking about it, but I switched on the personal and professional work three years ago… Very painful, very difficult. I am happy today that we are beginning to realize this.