“Shutdown”: US senators are unable to consider the budget

«Шатдаун»: сенаторы США не смогли рассмотреть бюджет

The U.S. Senate began to consider the budget on Thursday, December 27, and will only be collected on 2 January 2019, which automatically extends the “shutdown” of the government.

Thus, the Federal government will remain temporarily closed until the next vote, which will take place on December 31. However, there will be a formal meeting, which will not be accepted any decisions.

The next meeting of Senate is scheduled for January 2, 2019.

Note, the White house issued a statement in which once again laid the blame for the situation and the inability to agree on the Democrats.

“The President and his team remained in Washington during the Christmas season hoping to discuss agreements that would put an end to the dangerous crisis on the border, protecting American community and allowed to resume the work of the authorities. Democrats decided not to go home,” the statement said.

It is emphasized that the President of the United States Donald trump is not willing to “shutdown” but does not sign the budget, which will not be “given priority to the safety of the country.”

We will remind as earlier it was reported, the U.S. Senate unanimously approved a bill that recognizes the crime of lynching.