“Short-2018”: Elena Liadova, Svetlana Bondarchuk and other stars at the closing of the festival

"Short-2018": Elena Liadova, Svetlana Bondarchuk and other stars at the closing of the festival
“Short-2018”: Elena Liadova, Svetlana Bondarchuk and other stars at the closing of the festival
In Kaliningrad, the sixth Russian short film festival “Shorter” was completed. The closing ceremony was attended by Elena Liadova, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Svetlana Bondarchuk, Olesya Sudzilovskaya, Alena Babenko and many other stars. SPLETNIK.RU tells how it was.

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Three days that lasted the festival “Shorter-2018”, flew in like an instant – and they, as predicted by the organizers at the very beginning, really turned out to be happy and unforgettable.
And for those who came to the festival for the first time and for the first time saw the most western city of Russia, both for experienced guests of the show, and for the excited participants making their debut in the cinema, and for the Kaliningraders themselves, for whom the festival turned into an important event in the life of the city.

Behind the competitive programs, heated discussions on the sidelines, acquaintance with the city, parties near the Baltic Sea, walks along the Curonian Spit and dancing until the morning – short (justifying its name), but the bright festival summed up and said goodbye to the guests until next year.

Hardly having had time to depart from a merry party in Amber the day before, the stars again gathered at the festival of cinema – at the closing of the festival. The ceremony, according to the tradition, was not held in the cinema “Zarya”, where they give a start to the film screening, but in the Central Park: first the solemn part with the awarding of the winners, after – the viewing of the winners’ works. This year, unlike the last few years, there was no rain, so there was nothing to prevent a film show in the open air – to the joyful surprise of everyone.

In the amphitheater of the park there were no empty seats – many Kaliningradians came to see a short film, thereby confirming the importance of the review for the city. About this same in his opening speech spoke and the president of the festival – producer Sergei Selyanov:

It is important to us that the city fell in love with the festival and waited for it, did not imagine its life without this festival. And it seems to me that we have achieved this. Our magic festival is coming to an end. There was a very good program – both competitive and out-of-competition. The festival is always a little game, and the one who does not get anything today will still be the winner, because even getting here, as well as for the Olympic games, is very, very difficult. More than one and a half thousand works come to the competition, and only 40 ends up in the end. We need you for the industry, for our Russian cinema, and for the world – it’s waiting for you.

Members of the jury – Elena Liadova, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Igor Tolstunov, Nikolai Lebedev, Igor Mishin, Evgeny Grishkovets – echoed him, announcing the winners.
The best in the end was the film “Your mother” Victoria Runtsova, a representative of the film school “Industry” Fyodor Bondarchuk. Accepting congratulations, Victoria noted that Fyodor Sergeyevich shortly before the closing ceremony called her and wished her luck – it helped, the cash prize and a memorable diploma went to her film.

His audience, gathered in the park, were able to evaluate the same evening, as well as the work of other winners. And the guests went to say goodbye to the festival at the afterparty – “In short”, everything was successful!

The winners of the “Shorter-2018” festival:

Special prize of the channel “House of cinema premium” – “Thursday”.

Special mention of the jury for the genre of the tragicomedy is “Ricochet”.

Special attention of the jury for the originality of the view – “Breathlessness”.

Special prize of the jury for the original creative decision – “My name is Makhaz”.

The prize for the best script is “Fire.”

The prize for directing is “No”.

The best film is “Your mother”.

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