Shock: Experts have found Noah’s Ark on Mars (PHOTO)

Шок: Эксперты обнаружили Ноев Ковчег на Марсе (ФОТО)

Ufologist Scott Waring, a well-known fact that finds traces of aliens on the Earth and on all objects in the Solar system, posted on his Instagram profile evidence of the existence on Mars of Noah’s Ark.

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According to Waring, found in NASA images of the object bears a striking resemblance to the Ark of Noah, described in the biblical tradition. According to him, the found object has all external signs, indicating that he could one day sail the oceans of Mars – superstructure, pointed and raised ends of the stern and nose. The latter indicates that the object was once able to resist the waves of the Martian seas.

Шок: Эксперты обнаружили Ноев Ковчег на Марсе (ФОТО)

It tells Taiwan Explorer, this is not the first case when he discovered on the red planet traces of the ancient ocean. Earlier they were discovered several boats, and even traces of fossilized fish and shells.

The photo was taken by Mars mission module NASA Rover designed to explore Mars. UFO researcher, absolutely convinced that NASA has long and successfully hides from humans traces of the presence of aliens on Earth and in space, said that the Agency would not comment at this time.

The researcher, who only care about truth and science, are seriously concerned about the attitude of the world’s leading space Agency to this problem. According to him, the theory about the presence on Mars of the ocean – a real godsend, as it allows us to understand more deeply the mysteries of ancient life on the red planet.

Waring has repeatedly discovered on Mars traces of the presence of an ancient civilization. Previously he found on NASA picture of the dead body of an alien, separated from the head in the whimsical poppy, like “Predator”. The conspiracy theorist concluded that the great battle that once erupted on the red planet’s surface. Found the alien is a warrior who died for an unknown idea to us.

Also worth mentioning, Scott Warring found many traces of alien life on Earth, during the December boom on the next end of the world, as mentioned earlier.

Previously, astronomers have shown on Mars, a lake with frozen water.