Shaggy Dorn showed the son in the center of Kyiv (PHOTO)

Лохматый Дорн показал сына в центре Киева (ФОТО)

Wednesday, November 7, the singer Ivan Dorn in Kiev got into the lens paparazzi.

In the editorial office Today.Lifestyle was an exclusive footage of Ivan walks in the center of Kiev.

Лохматый Дорн показал сына в центре Киева (ФОТО)

Dorn was not himself. According to the staff, the contractor went out for the evening stroll, probably together with his son, three-year-old Ivan.

Лохматый Дорн показал сына в центре Киева (ФОТО)

When one of the fans learned of the mandrel and asked to take a picture of him, the singer refused.

But when the girl started to be photographed, Ivan asked the child to move away to not hit the frame: “Vanya, go for a run,” said the singer to the boy.

Лохматый Дорн показал сына в центре Киева (ФОТО)

Impressed by the meeting with the idol girl told us how Dorn acted with the child.

“It was obvious that John enjoys his fatherhood. Not for a moment lose sight of the son, even when talking on the phone. And, by the way, the boy is very similar to Ivan, his little copy, it is strange why he is still hiding him”, – said the publication of the inhabitant of Kiev, who accidentally met the star in the center of Kiev.

Note that in the 2013 Ivan Dorn married his classmate Anastasia Novikova. The couple has two children – daughter Vasilisa, who was born in 2014, and son Ivan, born in 2015. Personal life, the singer carefully preserves. By the way, only in 2017 for the first time Dorn has confirmed that he has a daughter.

Previously, the concert Ivan Dorn in Black tried to disrupt.

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