Shady business has raised the demand for currency in Ukraine – the economist

Теневой бизнес поднял спрос на валюту в Украине - экономист

In August, the Ukrainian population has bought currency in the amount of $1.05 billion In July – $0,92 billion, and in June – $0,68 billion. Thus, the dynamics indicates that the demand for currency exceeds supply.

This commentary, ГолосUA reported economist Victor Skarshevsky.

“This may indicate that the Ukrainian citizens are spending their savings to purchase foreign currency, as it bought more than sold. There is a suspicion that this trend is not asked Ukrainian citizens and the shadow economy, because too dramatically increased the revs over the last two months (July-August),” – said Viktor Skarshevsky.

According to him, cannot be such that the Ukrainians became sharply more money. It is connected with the service of the shadow economy and grey import.

“That is, increased demand, the devaluation and grey importers have started to buy imported goods, not in September like they usually did, and early and so dramatically increased the demand for currency purchase. Because the citizens of Ukraine in order to increase the demand, it is necessary that revenue rose, which actually did not happen. So unfortunately, this statistic does not show where the percentage of citizens in that a billion, but where is shadow (grey)”, – summed up V. Skarshevsky.

Earlier in the National Bank reported that in August, the Ukrainians acquired a 13.9% more currency than in July. However, the sales fell by 5.1%.

More than the entire population were interested in US dollars. Of the currency in August was purchased for $811,6 million, sold for $715,9 million

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