Several areas of the Crimea are de-energized due to bad weather

Несколько районов Крыма обесточены из-за непогоды

Places recorded very heavy rainfall

The electricity supply was disrupted in the night of Friday, January 4, from-for sharp deterioration of weather conditions associated with strong winds and rain, turning into snow.

“Most of the affected network Saki, Lenin and black sea regions, as well as of the city of Evpatoria. Recorded operational disturbances in networks Bakhchsarai, Krasnogvardeysky, Simferopol district,” – said in the message, reports

As at 7.00 am on 12 de-energized overhead lines. Without power are 19 settlements, 8 of them partially (more than six thousand subscribers).

According to local weather forecasters, warm weather gave way in Crimea sharp cold snap, accompanied by heavy precipitation and wind.

“A strong, sometimes very heavy precipitation (rain, rolling in the snow); in some areas the fog, a Blizzard, severe ice-izmereniya deposits, ice. Will amplify Severo-East changing to North-West wind 10-15 m/s, sometimes 20-25 m/s”, – is spoken in the message.

Air temperature day and night will be 0…+5, in the mountains of -1…-6 degrees.

On Saturday the wind will weaken, the precipitation rate will decrease at night gets colder to -4…-9 degrees, in the afternoon the air temperature will be -3…+2 degrees, in the mountains -5…-9 degrees.

At the same time, SES warns of worsening weather in Kherson, Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv regions.

In these regions, expected snowfalls, sometimes with rain, wind strengthening to 15-20 m/s in places in the sea of Azov 25 m/s, blizzards. In some areas sleet sticking, ice, the increase in snow cover of 15-20 cm.

On country roads sleet, Odessa and Mykolaiv oblasts the gusts of 15-20 m/s.