Services sales and purchases of foreign currency through the post office will use low demand – expert

Услуги продажи и покупки валюты через почтовые отделения будут пользоваться низким спросом - эксперт

The operators providing postal services from the national Bank the right to sell and purchase foreign currency, will have a low demand.

This opinion in comments to the correspondent of ГолосUA said the President of the Ukrainian analytical center Alexander Okhrimenko.

“Providing post office services for the purchase and sale of foreign currency took place earlier, when the head of national Bank Valeria Gontareva was, but itself is not positively proved,” said the analyst.

As explained by Alexander Okhrimenko, the main reason why eventually had to abandon this sort of services low demand.

“The fact that exchanging currency at the post office terribly uncomfortable. As the operators who work there have no experience in this area,” he added.

In addition, the analyst noted that the main reason why previously had to refuse these services is too large a period of time.

“When mail is not forced into its characteristic features, it always ends badly” – summed up Alexander Okhrimenko.

We will remind, the National Bank of Ukraine reported that as part of the transition to a new liberal system of currency regulation under the act “On currency and exchange operations”, the postal operators will get foreign exchange licences to carry out the operation of buying and selling currencies.