Serov: the protests in France, the macron may be included in the Ukrainian process – news ZIK.UA

The President of France Emmanuel Makron is now a big problem within the state. To offset them it can start to deal with international issues. In particular, between Ukraine and Russia.

Such opinion on air of the information-analytical project “the First about the main thing. Comments” on ZIK TV channel expressed a political consultant Irina Serova.

“In France exaggerated democratic tradition. They are not very adequate to the situation that is happening in their country through mass protests. Although the French are always dissatisfied with the power. So any politician who comes to lead, is starting they do not like. It happened with Hollande and Sarkozy, which are very rapidly lost their ratings,” said Serov.

She believes that the international policy for Macron may be the salvation. After all, such tactics were used is not one European leader.

“The Macron there are problems within the state. Therefore, it is important can be international policy. In fact, he will thus be able to show that France was a powerful and great country. He even can be actively involved in the process associated with Ukraine and war with Russia. Because such tactics were used and Merkel,” – said political consultant.

Of course, the French can appreciate it in a positive way. In her opinion, it just depends on how the macron it will be served.

“Everything will depend on how elegantly Makron to submit international politics. After all, the French are more nationalist and proud of the country can very quickly forget about the economic aspects. On the wave of jingoism, they can raise its rating. But not necessarily that it will occur,” said Serov.

Recall that in Marseilles died 80-year-old woman during protests took a canister of tear gas. People are protesting against taxes on gasoline for three weeks at the weekend.

Also on Monday the French ambulance drivers to go to the protest against some reforms of the social welfare and health care, which, as drivers, can have a negative impact on their services. Changes that will affect drivers of an ambulance, is part of the reform program of the President of France Emmanuel Makron.

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