Sergey Shnurov married the daughter of a prominent businessman

Сергей Шнуров женился на дочери известного бизнесмена

Olga Abramova showed the ring on the ring finger at the last concert of the beloved.

This is reported

Just a couple of days ago, the group “Leningrad” performed at “Saint-Petersburg Stage” and have been able to gather there is a record number of students – 65 thousand. However, shortly after this news became known one: Sergey Shnurov secretly married 26-year-old daughter of the businessman Olga Abramova.

This fall, the musician only once came out together with the chosen one, and now the girl already shows a ring on his ring finger. A new marriage Shnurov confirm media. According to news sources, the couple did not want to attract much attention, but even then, communicating with the press, the leader of group “Leningrad” was talking about his readiness once the wedding.

But, unlike his wife, Cords prefers to go without a wedding ring. Moreover, the singer openly hinted about her loving and about the fact that any woman “could potentially be his future wife”.

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