Scientists told how to improve memory and brain function

 Ученые рассказали, как улучшить память и работу мозга

A group of American researchers found that physical activity, including walking or household chores, help to improve memory and other cognitive functions of the brain. With the conclusions of scientists can be found in the press release published in EurekAlert!.

The study involved 454 people, including 191 who suffers from dementia. The volunteers were tested on physical strength, we also evaluated their thinking and memory for 20 years. Each subject agreed to donate their brains for analysis after death,reports RIA Novosti.

On average, two years before the demise of each of the participants in the study received wearable on the wrist accelerometer. Device clock controlled physical activity: as a minimum (moving around the house), and more vigorous exercise. It turned out that those who led a sedentary lifestyle are more likely to suffer from dementia worse took tests on memory and thinking.

Previously, researchers have found that high levels of physical activity and lack of excess weight reduces the chance of heart attack by about two times.