Scientists: the product ceases to be desirable, if it is to sniff two minutes

 Ученые: продукт перестает быть желанным, если его нюхать две минуты

The smell of junk food, which breathes in man, may either trigger a purchase, either unconditionally abandon it. The decisive factor, as found by scientists from the University of South Florida, is the duration of getting acquainted with the dish through the sense of smell, informs Journal of Marketing Research.

The brain, according to new research, does not always establish the source of sensual pleasure, which is why smell can “saturate” the stomach, if to smell the food within two minutes, reports mir24.

“The aroma is able to fight off the desire to taste a treat. The smell of food choices far more effective than restrictive policies,” – said leading specialist Dipayan Biswas.

The experiment involved teenagers. The first group were asked to inhale the smell of cookies within half a minute, after which the students were willing to eat them. Another group had to get acquainted with the flavor of the same cookie, but for the past two minutes. It appeared that for respondents this delicacy was losing attraction and they chose strawberry. A similar experiment was done with the pizza and apples – was recorded the same performance.

Scientists said that their discovery will help people in the fight against obesity. So, they suggested that manufacturers of air fresheners to create the flavor of food that a person zasmotrevshihsya on fast food, time to abandon obsession.