Scientists have warned of the dangers of cashier’s checks for health

 Ученые предупредили об опасности кассовых чеков для здоровья

Scientists discovered in the composition of thermal paper for printing receipts is a chemical substance bisphenol a that is associated with disorders of the endocrine system. It is reported portal Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News.

A group of researchers under the leadership of scientists from the University of Granada analyzed the receipts in stores and restaurants in Spain, Brazil and France. In the first two countries, the bisphenol-A contained more than 90 percent of the samples. In France – about half,according to RIA Novosti.

The content of substances in the studied samples exceeded the EC standards in the range of 30 to 100 times.Some checks were found bisphenol S, which is considered a “safe” substitute for bisphenol A, however, this substance leads to hormonal disorders, the researchers note.

“When you unpack the product, make sure that checks are not in contact with the products. Also, no need to throw them in the trash, make notes on them and store them in cars, purses or bags”, – leads edition of the words of the lead author of the study, Professor University of Granada Nicolas Olea.

Bisphenol-a causes a number of hormonal disorders and is associated with an increased risk of cancer, infertility, autism, type II diabetes and other diseases, the scientists.