Scientists have proven that the giant animal faces imminent extinction

Ученые доказали, что гигантским животным грозит скорое вымирание

Scientists have suggested that the representatives of the megafauna are still under threat of gradual extinction.

It is reported portal News.

Such conclusions they marks once assessed the condition of mammals, ray-finned and cartilaginous fish heavier than 100 kg, as well as amphibians, birds and reptiles weighing more than 40 kg. In total, biologists have studied 292 species.

So biologists have found that only 30% of these species have a more or less stable number. Other large animals gradually die out. According to estimates of biologists, their numbers decreased significantly until the XVIII century.

Human activity is the main cause of the extinction of the megafauna. This deforestation and pollution, and agricultural work. All these aspects played a role and reducing the number of large animals.

Scientists believe that the next 10-20 years, 67% of all large species will be in critical condition. In order to restore the number of large animals will need 3-5 million years.

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