Scientists have proposed the creation of a satellite system protect Earth from asteroids

 Ученые предложили создать спутниковую систему защиты Земли от астероидов

Russian scientists have proposed to place in Earth orbit a constellation of small satellites for the study and development of technology to intercept a potentially hazardous asteroid, to start the apparatus, it is planned on a rocket “Dnepr” (conversion option strategic vehicle “Governor”, which according to Western classification called “Satan”).

To talk about the development of the employees of the Corporation “Rosobschemash”, Institute of Geochemistry and analytical chemistry named after Vernadsky at the Russian Academy of Sciences (GEOKHI RAS), Centre of planetary protection working group of the RAS “Risks and safety” enterprise “glavkosmos launch services” and Russian Federal nuclear center — all-Russian research Institute of technical physics named after Zababakhin (RFNC-VNIITF) plan on the Royal readings 2019 in Moscow,reports RIA Novosti.

“The circumstances allow you to proceed with the implementation of the project “Space patrol”, which runs relatively inexpensive spacecraft small class for the study of asteroids, near-Earth,” reads the abstract of the report published by the website of the Readings.

As follows from the document, at the same time, you can start practicing detection satellites, reconnaissance and interception of potentially hazardous asteroids. This will be the spacecraft observers, scouts and interceptors. Echelon rapid response of the planetary defence system is planned to be called “Citadel-1”.

Scientists say that in the sphere of attraction of the Earth annually pass about 150 asteroids.