Scientists have found which diet will ensure the health of future generations

 Ученые выяснили, какая диета обеспечит здоровье будущим поколениям

To ensure health for future generations, it is necessary to almost completely give up meat. To such conclusion experts of the British Commission on nutrition and health, reports Sky News.

According to the study, by 2050 the population will exceed ten billion people, and therefore meat consumption should be reduced to seven grams a day, as the current diet of the people is dangerous for the planet, writes life.

So, scientists developed diet allows daily eating a small piece of sausage, meat ball or half a slice of bacon. In addition, the day everyone can eat 500 grams of vegetables and fruits, 29 grams of poultry meat and 28 grams of fish. Also, you can not eat more than one and a half eggs a week.

According to experts, this diet will not only save from extinction other species of animals, but also help people lead a healthy lifestyle.