Scientists have found: obesity increases anxiety

 Ученые выяснили: ожирение усиливает тревогу

The doctors from the Mayo clinic (one of the largest medical research centers in the world) and scientists from Newcastle University have found a link between obesity, aging and anxiety. The aging process is accelerated from obesity, and anxiety intensifies from aging. About the study reports Science Daily.

Studies in mice showed that animals that had more fat cells in the area of the brain that controls anxiety, were also significantly increased the number of senescent cells. Aging cell, scientists have named zombicidal, they do not die, but not perform the functions of normal cells. What increases the anxiety, reports life.

Clearing cells using Sinaiticus drugs, researchers found that disturbing behavior is reduced. However, they also argue that there is still a lot of work before they will be able to say that new drugs are safe and effective.

— We don’t want men and women everywhere have taken such drugs, when drugs are still in the early stages of research. While they are meant for people with serious illnesses who agreed to the test — said Dr. James Kirkland, one of the senior authors of the study.