Scientists have explained, what determines the shape of snowflakes

 Ученые объяснили, от чего зависит форма снежинок

French specialists of the Department answered the question of how snowflakes are formed, reports TASS.

In most cases, the process of formation begins with the fact that water is attracted to the tiny particulate matter that may be of diameter in one hundredth of a millimeter. So initially this happens in conditions not ideal for clean air, passes My planet.

It is around the microparticles formed of the initial hexagonal prism with six rectangular lateral faces.

The crystals continue to grow, but their future form depends on the conditions in which they were: atmospheric pressure, the electric field of the clouds, wind, humidity and temperature.

So, the temperature is -5…-10 °C lead to the formation of snowflakes in the form of needles or tiny thin bars. At temperatures of -10 to -12 °C are formed snowflakes in the form of plates or flakes. And only if…-12 -108 °C make the most beautiful, in the form of stars with six rays. Each snowflake is unique.