Scientists have discovered yet another Bermuda triangle near Japan

Ученые обнаружили еще один Бермудский треугольник возле Японии

Professor Junichi Yaoi said that in the Pacific there is an area comparable to the Bermuda triangle. So, in the sinister space have disappeared one ship. The expert believes that the ship along with the crew ended up in another dimension.

This is reported by news of the world.

Anomalous area near Japan. The locals called him in 2012, Devil’s Sea, when suddenly disappeared communication with a cargo ship. The crew of the missing ship sent SOS; investigation, organized later, was ineffective: experts have not found any clue.

Because in the Sea of the Devil failed to find any remains of the ship, no human remains, Junichi AOI decided that the crew has moved to another dimension.

It is something like radio waves: these are easy to move in space, but we can’t see them. Not only files, but also people can be in a different dimension that is imperceptible by the senses.

Previously, scientists have found a new explanation for the anomalies in the Bermuda triangle.