Scientists have discovered the secret of the mummy from Madrid

Ученые открыли тайну мумии из Мадрида

Modern technology is helping archaeologists and scientists to learn much more data about certain ancient artifacts. Recently, experts have managed to determine some interesting facts about mummies preserved in the National archaeological Museum of Spain. Analysis of the remains was carried out using the imager.

This is reported by news of the world.

So, it turned out that one supposedly female mummy is actually the body of a priest by the name of Respaldo. This person at one time worked in some optometrist the pharaohs Ptolemy I and Ptolemy III.

The instrument showed that the priest lived in 300-200 years BC, he worked at the medical center of Imhotep-Asclepius at Memphis. According to the publication El Pais, the man well earned and had connections thanks to what it can take care of their rich funeral.

According to experts, had a good sweat to come up with a way to deliver the mummy to the hospital intact for detailed study. All work was carried out at night, as it was night, the air is more suitable for its humidity for remains.

Earlier in Egypt discovered the 8 sarcophagi with mummies.