Scientists have discovered the cause of overeating

Ученые обнаружили причину переедания

Exactly the kind of food that satisfies our taste needs, gives us feel full and when to stop. This writes the “Medicine 2.0”.

German scientists from the Institute for the study of the metabolism of the max Planck did an experiment: 12 volunteers were divided into two groups, one was the sweet milkshake and the other a tasteless mixture. The experts noted that the first group drank a beverage with pleasure, but did not feel saturation, and the second was limited to a pair of glasses.

The specialists using the apparatus of positron emission tomography recorded emissions of dopamine – the hormone responsible for the feeling of satisfaction, said channel 9.

As it turned out, the dopamine during one meal throws twice: when we chew food and when it begins to digest in the stomach. But, if the dish we like the first release of the hormone, suppresses the second, this leads to an increase of the interval between the two phases, which in turn “inhibits” the feeling of saturation and we eat more than required.

“The person continues to eat until then, until it is developed enough dopamine,” explains the study’s author Heiko Backes.

According to scientists, this dual mechanism of production of dopamine and leads to overeating and consequently, obesity.