Scientists have discovered an extinct alien civilization in an unexpected place (PHOTO)

Ученые обнаружили вымершую цивилизацию инопланетян в неожиданном месте (ФОТО)

In the Bermuda triangle found of build with the whole city. There is evidence that extinct civilization was alien.

It is reported portal vistanews.

In the Bermuda triangle, scientists have discovered the city with the pyramids and the Sphinx. The underwater structures were published in Instagram account of one Portuguese ufologist. He claims that the discovery will lead to big changes.

Ученые обнаружили вымершую цивилизацию инопланетян в неожиданном месте (ФОТО)

Based on some scientific investigations it can be assumed that the find is a place of abode of the aliens who arrived on our planet 13 thousand years ago. By this time the scholars date the destruction of Atlantis. There is a theory that the aliens in the battle with the grounders decided to divide among themselves the territory of the globe. Guests from space got its aqueous part, and ancient people departed the land.

As you already know, the Bermuda triangle is one of the most mysterious phenomena of the twentieth century. On unraveling its mysteries for several decades, I not only ufologists and physics, but also eminent scientists. According to many experts, the disappearance of people and technology in this area is due to the dominance of the pirates. There are versions that the loss associated with the influence of ghosts and poltergeists. However, the most popular version, heated Roswell UFO incident says that people under the water taking the aliens living there. In this case, is easily explained by the presence in the deep waters of the Bermuda triangle mysterious city with lots of pyramids.

Most scientists, however, are skeptical about such speculation. They claim that the rumors about the paranormal features of this part of the Atlantic simply exaggerated: most of the ships and aircraft preodolevayut this area without incident.

Reference: Roswell UFO incident took place in July 1947, when a local farmer found himself in a pasture fragments of the aircraft of unknown origin. Unusual in the cockpit of the plane was found glass balls, inside of which you can discern human figures. This case caused a major stir in social circles and increased the interest of American scientists to the UFO.

Meanwhile, earlier the seer from the USA said, when Nibiru will crash to the Ground.