Scientists have discovered a hitherto unknown to science creature – news ZIK.UA

In the East of Turkmenistan, specialists discovered an unknown science “cave” being that called Turkmenocampa mirabilis, where the first combination of letters symbolizes the place of residence and the second in Ukrainian translation sounds: “incredible.”

It is not trying biologists to relate this animal to a particular class or genus, they have failed, writes Ocportal.

Вчені виявили досі невідому науці істоту – новини ZIK.UA

This creature has a length of less than a centimeter and has no eyes. Biologists do not explain how that animal perceives reality without vision.

Scientists have set a special trap with cheese to catch a mysterious creature. A few individuals fell into the trap and become a subject of research. Found “the cave” the body is very interested in experts.

Biologists interested to know how the animal was an evolutionary way to adapt to uncomfortable living conditions in Central Asia.

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