Scientists have discovered a giant hole in the Earth’s ionosphere

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Scientists from mit have discovered in the ionosphere of the Earth huge hole that was caused by the recent sudden warming of the stratosphere.

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Sudden stratospheric warming is the significant increase in temperature in the stratosphere over the polar and Subpolar regions of the Earth.

It is noted that during such events the temperature of the stratosphere is considerably increased five days. Warming are atmospheric gravity waves – a specific form of oscillatory motion that occurs in the air shell. These waves occur in the troposphere, the lower atmosphere, however, when bent around the mountains and hills they can climb higher.

When stratospheric warming occurs the destruction of the circumpolar vortex – a giant circulation system of warm and cold air.

Previously, researchers have assumed that changes in the ionosphere occur only during the day. However, in 2013 scientists were able to fix the sudden stratosphere warming, which has affected the night ionosphere. The conducted research helped to establish that the density of free electrons in the region decreased significantly. This resulted in an ionospheric hole that extends from 55 degrees South latitude to 45 degrees North latitude.

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