Scientists have created a model of the ideal woman: ears like a bat, and snake skin – news ZIK.UA

Professor of anatomy and anthropology, Alice Roberts from the UK created a model of anatomically perfect women.

Reports about it “Gа”.

Developed it for the filming of the documentary of BBC “can science make me perfect?”.

Вчені створили модель ідеальної жінки: вуха, як у кажана, та зміїна шкіра – новини ZIK.UA

To create a woman with great physical and mental parameters, the Professor used the anatomical quality of fish, shellfish, mammals and birds.

Roberts says that if real people had the same anatomical features as its model, they would not be prone to deafness, blindness and even heart attacks.

“Having ears like a bat, they never went deaf. The lungs, as in birds, would saturate the blood more oxygen, and snake skin would protect them from UV rays” – said the Professor.

The feet of his model, Roberts made similar to the ostrich. And while they would deprive a person of the ability to climb mountains, but she could run faster.

Pragmatic Professor came to matters of childbirth. Her model has a bag for the baby, like a kangaroo.

The embodiment of the ideal women in the 3D model engaged artist Scott Eaton and master of special effects Sangr Prabhakar.

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