Scientists found in amber snail age of about 100 million years – news ZIK.UA

Their extraction in Myanmar (formerly Burma) Burshtyn was first discovered the remains of a snail with well-preserved soft tissue, which is approximately 99 million years.

About it reports NV with reference to Science Direct.

Вчені виявили в бурштині равлика віком майже 100 мільйонів років – новини ZIK.UA

Radioisotope analysis has indicated that snail scanservice in Burshtyn in the Cenomanian period (of 93.9-100.5 million years ago).

Scientists have found snails related to the family cloward. The body length of the cochlea – about six millimeters, and the size of the shell – fewer than five. This indicates the younger age of the person during conservation.

It is noted that gastropods are rarely found in amber. During the industrial production of amber mines in Myanmar, were found numerous remains of arthropods and plants. However, the ancient representatives of the class of gastropods to detect very difficult, as their soft tissues are poorly preserved.

According to scientists, the elongated shape of the snail body was found indicates that she tried to escape from amber. The scientists also explained that soft tissue preserved so well because at the time of preservation of caravanage was alive.

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