Scientists call mortal danger work in night shift

Ученые назвали смертельную опасность работы в ночные смены

Lack of sleep at night leads to damage of the structure of DNA. To such conclusion scientists from Hong Kong University.

It is reported Anaesthesia.

According to the researchers, up at night leads to increased oxidative processes in the organism and destroys the DNA. This in turn becomes a cause of chronic diseases.

Scientists conducted a study on a group of doctors who often came to work in the night shift. The participants of the experiment took blood samples after a full sleep, then after night shifts.

Comparative analysis showed that the number of breaks of DNA molecules in samples of people who worked at night, much higher. While suffering from lack of sleep, the body could not regenerate damage.

Scientists have noted that the negative effects caused by wakefulness at night, can lead to the development of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Thus to launch genetic disorders in the body, only a single sleepless night.

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