Scandalous Nastia Fish in Thailand has sentenced

Скандальной Насте Рыбке в Таиланде вынесли приговор

On Tuesday, January 15, in Thailand was sentenced by the infamous Anastasia Fish and Alex Leslie. Anastasia Vashkevich and Alexander Kirillov has pleaded guilty to carrying out illegal sex-training in Pattaya in the winter of 2018. They were sentenced to probation and the actual imprisonment of nine months, which the convicted has already served in jail.

On 15 January, misleading the Facts.

Now Thai authorities are taking measures for the deportation of Vashukevich and Kirillov in Russia and Belarus.

We will remind, Nasty Fish, and then Alex Leslie, hit the headlines in the world’s most popular Newspapers and magazines in connection with the book that they published — “Diary of seduction of a billionaire, or a Clone of the oligarch”. On this reading drew the attention of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Having carefully studied the description of slutty girls from Bobruisk and its pages in social networks, Navalny made an unexpected discovery — he found evidence of corrupt ties between billionaire Oleg Deripaska and the then Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Sergey Prikhodko.

It turned out that Nasty Fish not just having fun in the company of Mr. Deripaska and even was on his yacht at the time when there in great secrecy, delivered of Mr. Prikhodko. The scandal has turned out notable. Deripaska filed a lawsuit against the Fish, accusing it of disseminating information on private life. Note — this is not defamation.

Then it turned out that Nastya is a student of the popular Moscow sex guru Alex Leslie and that he taught her the tricks of successful sex hunting for oligarchs. It was also found that Alexander Kirillov has inspired the writing of the book.

Fish and Leslie reveled in collapsed on them glory. In euphoria, the couple went to Pattaya. And there at the end of February 2018 they were arrested. The operation was conducted by the local police. Leslie was accused of organizing and carrying out the hotel paid for sex training. He denied it.

However, Alex and Cindy continued to hold under arrest. They were denied bail. In desperation, Leslie Fish appealed for help to the American authorities. They claimed that they have recordings proving the existence of ties U.S. President Donald trump with the Kremlin. They were allegedly secretly did the Nasty when he was in the company of Deripaska and his friends. However, us intelligence agencies have not shown interest in the proposal sex huntress and her guru.

As reported, in late February 2018 to the end of February, Nastja Rybka arrested in Thailand along with nine more Russians. They illegally conducted a sex-training resort in Pattaya. Fish later told the New York Times that has audio recordings of the conversations of billionaire Oleg Deripaska to intervene in the U.S. presidential election.