Scandal in the Royal family, Kensington Palace might sue the father of Megan Markle

Скандал в королевском семействе: Кенсингтонский дворец может подать в суд на отца Меган Маркл

Kensington Palace is considering to sue the father of the Duchess of Sussex Thomas Markle after he published her private email.

About it reports The Daily Telegraph.

Currently, there are consultations with lawyers, before Megan will make a final decision on whether to bring a lawsuit or not.

Senior brother Megan Thomas Markle, Jr., regretfully admitted that the quarrel father-daughter has gone too far and their relationship will not be reversed.

Markle, Sr. claims that he was forced to publish a letter to protect themselves from attacks. He allegedly had no other outlet after the existence of the message told the publication People friend Megan, who created about him the wrong impression.

Meanwhile, 74-year-old American, according to his eldest daughter, Samantha, is going to publish other letters Megan.

According to British law, Meghan Markle owns the copyright on the hand written message. So she has all the chances to win the case in court if it comes to that.

As Vanity Fair writes, the situation is extremely bothering Her Majesty. The Queen asked Harry and Megan to deal with distributing unauthorized Palace interview Thomas before Christmas. And now it only got worse and has gotten out of control. Elizabeth demanded from her grandson to work with his wife, so she found a solution to family problems.

“She told both of them that it all turns into a nightmare. And they should make an effort to correct the situation,” — said the source publication.

Meanwhile, in defense of Megan, made her friend the actor George Clooney, who was among the guests at her wedding to Harry. He believes her hounded and persecuted, and that the situation is very similar to the one in which at the time was Princess Diana.

“We saw how it ended,” he warns. He also jokingly denied the rumors that will become the godfather of the child of Megan and Harry.

“No, I’m the father of twins. I’m done with this shit. Literally, just shit” — he told reporters.

We will remind, the Royal family had earlier filed lawsuits with the goal in connection with the illegal distribution of personal information. So, Prince Charles of Wales in 2006 won a court case against the Mail on Sunday, which was accused of violating his rights to privacy. The newspaper published excerpts from his diary. And the newspaper the Sun had to make a donation to a charity and a public apology to Queen Elizabeth and her husband Philip for the publication of their letters in which they discussed the behavior of their youngest son, Prince Edward.

We will remind also, earlier Camille boycott Meghan Markle, said, “This is real life, and you’re not an actress on stage.”