Saudi Arabia is considering the possibility of the dissolution of OPEC

В Саудовской Аравии рассматривают возможность роспуска ОПЕК 

Saudi authorities ordered to conduct a study on the possible dissolution of the Organization of countries-exporters of oil (OPEC).

On Thursday, November 8, reports the Wall Street Journal.

This study will take place against the background of the preparation of U.S. anti-cartel bill titled NOPEC (No Oil Producing Exporting Cartels Act). Its purpose – granting U.S. courts jurisdiction to review antitrust lawsuits against OPEC members and the countries-participants of cartel in the oil market.

“In the Kingdom understand that the demand for oil can’t last forever. In addition, NOPEC does not ignore”, – said the head of the Research center of oil behalf of king Abdullah Adam Sieminski

Riyadh doubts the necessity of the existence of OPEC in light of the fact that “Saudi Arabia and Russia together can have enough influence on the oil market.”

Also, we will remind, on November 6, Saudi Arabia’s crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman launched the first in the country’s nuclear research reactor.

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