Sarah Hyland (Modern family) about suicide : “I was very, very, very close”

Sarah Hyland (Modern family) à propos du suicide : "J’étais très, très, très proche de le faire"

Sarah Hyland, the actress of Modern Family, has engaged in any franchise on their suicidal thoughts and on the manner in which it has overcome.

Since her childhood, Sarah Hyland has accumulated health problems. But thanks to the support of his family and Well Adams, her boyfriend, the actress of Modern Family did not give up and continued to fight. In December 2018, the actress had made the confidences distressing at magazine Self on its many health issues, where she was said to have already contemplated suicide.

Of the words that Sarah Hyland has explained this Friday 11 January 2019, when the american tv show Ellen DeGeneres Show. The actress, 28-year-old has been very frank about some of his darkest days : “I was very, very, very close. I wrote letters to my loved ones in my head to explain why I had done it, the reasoning behind this, and that above all, it was nobody’s fault.

I didn’t want to write on a sheet of paper because I did not want to risk that someone finds it… I didn’t want someone to be aware that I was so close to do it because I knew they would try to discourage me from doing it“, she continued to reveal. And to add : “At the time, I was 26 years old. And after 26 years of illness and chronic pain every day, when you do not know when you are going to finally get a good day, it is really very hard.

Sarah Hyland has renal dysplasia, which means his kidneys have not developed properly, and they often form cysts painful. “Say it aloud to me was very helpful because I kept it for me for months and months, “said an emotional young woman.