Sandrine Quétier about Father Christmas : “I lived it as a betrayal on the part of my parents”

Sandrine Quétier à propos du Père Noël : "Je l'ai vécu comme une trahison de la part de mes parents"

This Tuesday, December 18 at 21h, TF1 will broadcast a special episode Christmas of Josephine, guardian angel “A Christmas recomposed”. In this chapter, Mimie Mathy welcomes for the first time Sandrine Quétier.

This Tuesday, December 18,, Josephine, guardian angel is adorned with the colors of Christmas for an adventure titled “A Christmas recomposed” which will be aired from 21h on TF1. In addition to the iconic Mimie Mathy, this episode will host numerous players such as Roland Magdane, Catherine Allegret, Benoît Michel, but also Sandrine Quétier , who left his career as an animator for kissing that actress. Tv-Leisure offers a cross interview of this last and of Mimie Mathy.

Tv-Leisure : How was the shooting ?

Mimie Mathy : We shot it in September and it was beautiful. We were bundled up in heavy scarves, hats, sweaters Christmas, so got very warm while he had to pretend to be cold.

Sandrine Quétier : It was short, I shot four days ago and I’ve been very well received. It was always a little apprehensive to know if it will be good. The director was full of good advice.

And your collaboration one with the other ?

Mr. Sandrine is a great professional, she is charming, friendly and joyful. It is a joy to work with her because she invests herself completely and only asking to learn, she is listening. It is also a very good friend on the plateau and in the lodges.

S. Q. Mimie is super-pro and it still has the small word of encouragement that is comforting. If it crashes, it has this small movement of eyebrow to say “this is not serious, we do it again”. She is super patient and available. I watched her work in the scenes where I was not playing.

When and how have you learned that Father Christmas did not exist ?

Mr. Child, I had my doubts. Around the age of 7 years, I had a discussion with my cousin about it, and then, as we have heard speak on the radio, I said to myself that this had to be true. Shortly after, I finally had the confirmation that it does not exist.

S. Q. When I learned that Father Christmas did not exist, it has been a disappointment crazy. I experienced it as a betrayal on the part of my parents. It was a terrible feeling. I’m realizing at the school. Like all kids, I was told that I had seen Father Christmas…

What series are you addicted ?

Mr. Mr. On Netflix, I watch Poldark, and here I am in full-on Suits. I also like to Munch, Ten percent, and I am very addicted to Tomorrow belongs to us. I loved Downton Abbey, and I have delayed the time when I was going to watch the last few episodes.

S. Q. The Office of the captions, Narcos, The Handmaid’s tale, Ten percent, but especially the series of zombies. I follow The Walking Dead, I’m crazy about this series, and now he must wait until February to see the result, I am sick.