Sam (TF1) : who are the actors that embody the children of the heroine ?

Sam (TF1) : quels acteurs incarnent les enfants de l’héroïne ?

TF1 proposes the end of the season 3 of Sam on Monday, February 11. The opportunity to discover the actors who embody the children of the French teacher in the most crazy of the PAF.

In Sam,the series broadcast on TF1, and to find in replay on MyTF1, the heroine embodied by Natacha Lindinger must not only manage her students but also her own children. Present since the launch of the series in 2016, Alex, Anna and Hugo, the three children of Sam, the character ! Normal with a mother like this, who does not hesitate to use language that is flowery to shake it up a little, confessed to Clara Bourreau, co-writer of the series.

Alex, the eldest son of Sam gone to live in Bordeaux with his wife and their baby (because Sam is a grand-mother !), is portrayed by Kevin Dias. Prior to joining the series, Kevin Dias began his career in the famous film of Jean-Pierre Jeunet, The Fabulous destiny of Amélie Poulain. He then turned to the tv. He has participated in a Boss-to-measure, with Marie-Anne Chazel and Pierre Arditi, Joséphine, guardian angel and one episode of Clem.

Anna, the daughter of Sam, is interpreted by Roxane Bret. She landed her first film role in 2013 in the 16 years or so, a comedy with Laurent Lafitte. It also continues then to the tv. Most notably, it plays in A son with Michèle Laroque, the Detectives, She… girls du Plessis with Sandrine Bonnaire. In 2018, Roxane Bret has held a role in The Little Murders of Agatha Christie, but it was not a common scene with Natacha Lindinger, the interpreter of Sam, who plays the medical examiner, whose commissioner Laurence (Samuel Labarthe) was very loving.

As for Hugo, said Boudu, the last child of Sam, he is incarnated by Valentin Byls, seen in an episode of Clem, and in Leo Mattéï, the minors ‘ brigade. He also gave some trouble to the heroine of Cassandra, the police series of France 3 with Gwendoline Hamon and Alexandre Varga.

Sam has children with two different men. Alex and Anna have the same father, interpreted by Jean-Charles Chagachbanian (More beautiful life). As for Hugo, he is the son of Nathan, played by Philippe Lefebvre (Détéctives, Unfaithful).