Saber-rattling: Russia tested anti-satellite missile

Бряцают оружием: в России испытали противоспутниковую ракету

Russian Federation 23 Dec conducted a successful test of anti-satellite missile PL-18 system “Nudol”.

It is reported by CNBC, citing two sources familiar with the confidential report of American intelligence.

Allegedly, the missile being launched from mobile units, flew for 17 minutes about 1864 miles (2999,817 kilometers), and then fell into the water in the target area.

It was the second for the year and seven known missile test of an experimental missile defense system A-235 “Nudol”. According to an anonymous source, it is expected that the main objectives of the new missiles will be communication satellites and spacecraft, taking pictures of the Earth are in low earth orbit. On the same orbit move the telescope Hubble and the international space station.

On Thursday, the President of the United States Donald trump presented a new strategy for U.S. missile defense. In the Pentagon report says that Russia “is developing a diverse range of ASAT funds,” including land-based missiles and directed energy weapons, and also continues to run “experimental” satellites that perform complex operations in orbit to enhance the defence space capabilities.