Russian scientists “killed” brain cancer virus zika

 Российские учёные "убили" рак мозга вирусом Зика

If the method is deemed successful, it can be adapted to treat tumors in the terminal stage.

Scientists from the Institute of Cytology and genetics, Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences have tested in mice a new way to treat brain tumors by administering the virus zika. As reported TASS, during the research, the scientists found that the virus attacks cancer cells and slows their growth without causing substantial damage to the rest of the body. First the mice, scientists “tucked” glioblastoma cells under the skin, in the future, the researchers intend to repeat the experiment on tumor embedded in the brain,reports Life.

If the results are confirmed, it would open the way for the development of therapeutic strategies for the treatment of brain tumors in humans. The researchers note that despite the uniqueness of the method, we are not talking about infecting patients with the virus, Zeke. Genetics stated that, if successful, the vaccine against glioblastoma will be a simplified design based on the virus that is not harmful to the body.