Russian oligarchs began to shun ties with Putin

Российские олигархи резко начали сторониться связей с Путиным

In recent years, closeness to the Russian President was not the topic that was worth a loud scream. And when American officials thought someone from the Russian corporate oligarchs should be sent under sanctions in an attempt to punish the Putin regime, many of who had amassed billions of dollars in part due to his connections with the Kremlin, insisted that they have little or no contact with the President.

About it writes the Financial Times reports Today.

As you know, the United States imposed new sanctions against several Russian businessmen, including billionaires and high-ranking officials. Also suffered a major Russian company.

For those who have managed to convince American officials and working on them researchers that they are far enough from Putin, the stellar appearance at the meeting of the President of the Russian Federation with business elites could be a frightening prospect, the article says.

“For those who were not able to sell such a story, the results were devastating,” recalls the Financial Times, pointing to billionaires Oleg Deripaska and Viktor Vekselberg.

As writes the edition, “in Putin’s Russia this annual event serves as a regular reminder that a small number of people who have amassed large personal fortunes, to whom they should be grateful”.

“If he asks you to be there better be there. It is not discussed. You don’t know what you are going to sit until they arrive”, – the newspaper quotes the words of one of those present at the meeting with Putin. The Seating chart indicates that there is no chance to choose seats away from those whom Washington considers dangerous.

“While the guests were waiting for Putin under sanctions mingled with those who do not fall under their action, and those who have blatant political connections and chatted with those who said that knows nothing about the ways of the Kremlin”, – says the publication.

But the true price for obedience to the call of the Kremlin may be more immediate than the danger of being photographed at the moment of handshake with the President. At the meeting, Putin urged business leaders to invest in national projects. Ignoring the fact that sounds from the mouth of Putin as the order is another question, the article says.

“As for invitations to festive meetings, on which side it does not look to be caused by the Kremlin can be quite costly for those lucky billionaires who were on the guest list” – sums up the publication, focusing on the fact that the West, particularly the United States may impose new sanctions against other Russian oligarchs close to Putin.