Russian edition called Putin “my name” news ZIK.UA

The Russian newspaper published the news about the G20 summit in Argentina with a fun and rather ambiguous title.

“The main dish of the dinner at the G20 summit in Argentina was the crab”, – writes the edition “Moscow Says”.

Російське видання назвало Путіна «своїм ім’ям» – новини ZIK.UA

The fact that “crab” is a longtime nickname of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. This joke was widely spread on the Internet after the news somebody is wrongly printed the following quote Putin.

“I’m not ashamed before the citizens who voted for me twice, electing to the post of President of the Russian Federation. All these eight years I worked like a slave (he heard “crab”) in the galleys, since morning till night, and did it with full dacou forces,” – said Putin.

Ukrainian political analyst Alexei holomuzki commented in Facebook the title “Moscow speaking”, noting its double meaning.

“Never before have the Russian edition did not call Putin a crab… Guess they will close, and may be shot,” wrote golobutsky.

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