Russia secretly testing a missile: U.S. intelligence learned the details of the “new”

Россия тайно испытала ракету: разведка США узнала детали "новинки"

Russia conducted a successful test of a ASAT missile, launched from a new missile defense system “Nudol”.

It is reported by CNBC, citing sources familiar with classified us intelligence report. According to them, tests were conducted on 23 December 2018, reports the observer.

The rocket allegedly flew 17 minutes and almost 3000 km before successfully falling in the affected area.

In the United States suggest that the missiles will be used against communication satellites and devices for satellite images to the lower orbit of the Earth.

“Russia is developing a diverse set of ASAT capabilities, including land-based missiles and directed energy weapons, and continues to run the “pilot” satellites which carry out complex operations on orbit for expansion of anti-space capabilities,” the review says.

It is also noted that the system PL-19 Nudol, which will focus mainly on anti-satellite missions has been successfully tested twice in 2018.