Russia may sell part of the territory: why is it dangerous for Ukraine

Россия может продать часть территории: чем это опасно для Украины

In return for the solution to the problem of the disputed Kuril Islands in favor of Japan, Russian President Vladimir Putin to demand recognition of her annexation of Crimea.

About this column to “Apostrophe” wrote Russian political analyst Dmitry Oreshkin.

“It may well be that Moscow would demand in return, not only investments, but also the recognition of Japan’s annexation of the Crimea. As for Putin, a very important advocacy component, it would be logical if he did what he did. Therefore, it would remind public opinion that the Crimea is ours, because this theme does not cause the former delight. Say, “Yes, we gave these Islands because of that and because. But compare, what is Crimea and what is wonderful small Japanese Islands”, – he said.

According to him, sooner or later, the Kuril Islands will have to pay, because the money for development of the Far East and never will be. And they are not needed for development, and if the region is at least not degraded.

“Chop off the Crimea, and the people loved it, but to need to invest – and invest – every year about 100 billion rubles, which are removed from elsewhere in the budget, from other regions. In particular, from the same Far East. When they started to build the Crimean bridge, stopped to build a bridge across the Lena river, which dramatically affected the inhibition of the quality of territorial development of Yakutia. While Putin looks at public opinion, sends signals to the Japanese… And the Japanese for twenty years knead the theme of the Kuril Islands. Every Japanese Prime Minister wants to return to Japan, but fails. And Russia, these four Islands as the dog in the manger: people live there as exiles. To get to these Islands no one wants in the military camps. But in terms of the prevailing ideological attitudes – it is our sacred imperishable land. So will see how they degrade under your control,” explains the analyst.

According to Oreshkin, according to this, it becomes clear that Russia is losing control over the Far East.

“Accordingly, Putin simply cut a piece of the Far East – these four damned island, to give them to the Japanese and to from Japan, very good compensation, which is to be spent on development of the Far East. The fact that Putin is sending these signals, suggests that he is not entirely crazy. But the country reacts like crazy: requires he didn’t betray, didn’t leak, their land did not give an inch. If anything, it was won by someone else. It is clear that sooner or later, Putin or whoever will replace him will have to give the Kuril Islands. The sooner this is done, the better it will be able to move the continental territory of the Far East. Because you need to invest not only money but time”, – explains the expert.