Russia introduces tougher trade sanctions, the Ukraine – expert

РФ внедряет более жесткие торговые санкции, чем Украина - эксперт

If you compare the strength of the prohibitions of Ukraine and Russia on the import and export of goods from the neighboring countries, sanctions look more Russians hard.

This commentary, ГолосUA announced financial analyst, economist Alex Kush.

“When Ukraine bans import of Russian corn starch or railway cars, it has little effect on the Russian economy. If we, for example, has restricted the export of Russian coal and Russian oil, it would be stronger. But for some reason we can’t beat Russian gas transit and import of Russian energy products and coal. So, by and large, we can only impose such ridiculous sanctions, for example, in the form of prohibition of import of Russian corn starch and the rest,” says the analyst.

A. Kush also expressed the view that the weakness of Ukrainian sanctions is unlikely to change the export strategy of the Russian Federation, but Russians are quite unable to affect the export strategy of Ukraine.

“Russia in this plan adopts more stringent restrictions: the Russians have a wider range of pressure on Ukraine. Ukraine is not an exporter of energy resources, Ukraine exports a wide range of goods on the world markets demand of our products. But in the CIS markets of our products with higher value-added engineering products, and various consumer goods. In Europe and the United States are not needed, they are purchased only in CIS or in part in Asia or Africa. So in this case if we can’t restrict the import of Russian energy resources, the Russians can limit our exports to Russia of various types of engineering goods, consumer goods…the Russians in this respect a wider range of exposure. We can’t hit on major pain points of Russia, and the Russians can beat us,” the economist said.

Recall, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev signed the decree on ban on imports to Russia of certain goods from Ukraine. This is the official visit of Medvedev to Twitter.

“Russia is introducing a ban on the import of certain Ukrainian goods. This is – a response to sanctions from the Ukrainian side. Signed the corresponding decision”, – Medvedev wrote.

Earlier, Ukraine has extended a ban on the import of goods from Russia for a year – until January 1, 2020. Initially, the ban on Russian goods was introduced on January 10, 2016 government decision No. 1147 dated December 30, 2015 “On the prohibition of import into the customs territory of goods originating from Russia.” Bans were introduced in response to the government’s decision to introduce predamage against Ukraine, adopted because of the introduction of Ukraine sanctions against Russia.

In the list of Russian products that fall under the Ukrainian embargo, includes meat, fish, cereals, grains, bakery products, vodka, beer, cigarettes, confectionery, food, several chemicals, and railway equipment. Later in the “black list” of added polyethylene was also extended the list of chemicals. In addition, in 2018 the Cabinet of Ministers has expanded the list of banned Russian goods. Then it made a cement clinker – the intermediate product in cement production. Later glucose and starch.