Rules of selection of healthy and delicious vegetables and fruits

Правила выбора полезных и вкусных овощей и фруктов

 In the season of colds and flu doctors recommend to include in the diet as many vegetables, fruits, herbs to replenish the body’s need for vitamins and minerals, strengthen the immune system. But choose vegetables and fruits is an art, because even if raised in the neighborhood of the fruits may be different “sets” of substances, and one variety – a completely different taste.

The potatoes need to “inspect”

Ukrainians in anticipation of winter traditionally buy sacks of potatoes for winter storage. In the markets now its great variety, the complexity of choice is that, unlike fruits or berries, ask the seller to try potatoes in taste of the impossible and cut up the tubers, it is unlikely they will allow. Because a batch of potatoes you need to inspect. Well, if it is sold in bags, nets, – so the buyer can assess its appearance and size.

“Pay attention to the potatoes were average, a standard size and uniform color. It is very important that the tuber was not green Bochkov and obvious irregularities. It is a sign of the accumulation of harmful substances. Now these tubers is much less than in the spring, however, and they fall.

Often it also happens that, if you are going to cook dinner, customers find that within individual tubers come across the black dots. This potato disease is late blight, sorry, not cutting potatoes to find it extremely difficult. If you come across such fruit – it is not necessary to cut out the black specks – it is better to throw the whole fruit,” said agronomist Dmitry GRES.

Since, potatoes, unlike other vegetables, is subject to long-term storage, it is important to choose the right place, otherwise it lost a lot of valuable microelements, worse taste, in addition, the tubers can simply start to rot.

“It should be kept in dry and dark place, preferably below there was a cool balcony or the basement great for this approach,” – said the expert.

For onions and carrots on the size of the

Onions, who also usually buys a large part of the reserve, you need to choose in appearance and weight. The last criterion for the bow is extremely important, as it indicates its quality.

“The onion should be heavy enough, as it has a fairly dense structure. If, “after weighing” on the hand bulb, it seems too easy – from the purchase should be abandoned, as inside it can be dry or be eaten by parasites or diseases.

It is important to examine the husk – it should be shiny, beautiful colors, and on its surface – no signs of spots, dots, and mechanical damages or cracks. The surface of the onions should be dry and firm.

Interesting fact – the lighter the bow, the more acute he will be,” revealed the secret of the expert.

While the smell of onions should not be corrosive, but should be present. Too strong smell suggests that the fruit is spoiled. It is desirable that the bulbs have at least a few layers of the husk – it protects it from drying out and bacteria, if the husk a little long to keep the bow will not work.

“Choose the carrot is, paying attention to its size. Most vitamins contain carrots weighing about 140-160 grams. Choose root vegetables should be bright orange in colour – they point to a large number of vitamins, with pale fruits less useful.

Of course, a good carrot should be firm to the touch and does not contain any dark spots or growths (a sign of plant disease or nitrates). Experts claim that the most luscious, thick, long, dark orange root vegetables” – said the agronomist.

Apples – only local

Most useful are those apples that are grown in your area. Imported fruit is often look prettier and more appetizing, but they are often treated with any substances, including paraffin, and the shelf life is prolonged by spraying chemicals.

“Choose a tasty and healthy apples are the fruit must not be damaged and have the correct form, and, of course, is to understand in advance what flavor you want to: it depends on the variety, growing conditions and weather conditions. Feel free to request to try the Apple.

Too large of apples, generally less sweet than fruits of the standard sizes. Of course, fruits should not be any primatesta and dark spots. If Apple black hearts, the fruit’s better not to drink, but wormy apples, you can just thoroughly clean the worms, of course, appetite adds, but the danger is not. On the contrary, in the freshness and naturalness of this particular Apple, the consumer can be sure” – said the expert.

The expert also added that the stale and processed apples as well as fruit, grown with the use of chemicals, there is a characteristic downside – a faint smell or none at all. Organic apples smell not sharp, but expressive and, if you bring them closer to the nose, the flavor is supposed to feel and arouse the appetite.

The cucumbers and tomatoes we buy in the “now”

Tomatoes and cucumbers are currently available in fresh and inexpensive, but less than a month, the amount of vitamins in them will be significantly reduced as a result of prolonged storage or due to cultivation in greenhouses. Soon these fruits will be represented mainly by imported products. And imported vegetables are often disrupted polyspline to prolong shelf life and facilitate transportation of goods. Of course, these fruits did not gain the right amount of vitamins.

“However, even in the winter, the cucumbers and tomatoes a lot of valuable microelements and a number of vitamins, although it is certainly less than half have a just picked fruit. When buying vegetables should be careful not to purchase a product, stuffed with chemicals and nitrates.

And now the cucumbers and tomatoes should be eaten daily, if there are no contraindications. But it is important to remember that to buy these vegetables for future use is absolutely wrong, it is better to go to the store or to the market every 2-3 days. Given that some time the cucumbers and tomatoes were transported and stored at the warehouse that should be alerted if the fruits are not “wither” in a week or two,” said nutritionist Lyudmila Babich.

The expert recommends to buy vegetables only in supermarkets and sanctioned markets where all products have to pass at least some control.

“Preference should be given to the fruit of medium size and definitely ripe. It is advisable to eat vegetables throughout the day or three after purchase. Natural pickles without a refrigerator quickly fade, and the cold degrades their taste. Similarly with the tomatoes in the fridge the tomatoes quickly lose their “structure” and taste, so buy them in reserve is not necessary”, – told the expert.

Of course, slightly greenish vegetables have longer shelf life and properties “ripen” on the table, but the nitrate level can exceed the limit. It is recommended to opt for the ripe fruit of medium size, grown in Ukraine. The color of the skin of the tomatoes must be uniform. Take the time to inspect each fruit to avoid buying tomatoes from the damaged skin – because of the soft structure and delicate skin in the damaged pulp bacteria multiply rapidly at best this tomatoes will rot quickly and covered with mold or bloom, in the worst – can cause serious poisoning.

“To protect yourself at least partially from nitrates, thoroughly wash the vegetables and then pour over them the boiling water. Remove about a third of nitrates from the fruit can, if you soak them for about 30 minutes, even more effective is to add in water a little ascorbic acid,” – said the expert.

Herbs to grow yourself

Currently, fresh herbs – dill, parsley, lettuce, Basil, green onions and so on – is a storehouse of vitamins and include it in the diet, if there are no contraindications, recommended daily. Especially since its season coming to an end.

“The closer to winter, the less valuable minerals remains in the green and grown in the greenhouse – less tasty and certainly not so useful. Many Housewives have solved this problem very simply – by growing herbs on your windowsill, it will require a minimum of effort. Even easier with green onions – it even planting is not necessary, but to get the crispy twigs, enough to put some bulbs in water at room temperature.

If the greens have to buy – it is important to pay attention to its appearance and smell. Fresh herbs always smells and looks juicy and “crispy,” said the nutritionist.

Seeing on the shelf is sluggish dill or “sickly” green onions, do not expect that salad will fit and such greenery – the taste and the aroma it leaves much to be desired.

Great importance is the size – too large leaves or stems should be cause for concern. Spinach leaves, for example, should be no more than chicken eggs, and dill and parsley — not longer than 15 cm.

The color of the greens should be green and smooth. Pale twigs or bundles and slightly yellow is better not to take this parsley or dill is clearly not the first freshness, and the vitamins in it much less.

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