Robbie Williams at the opening ceremony of the 2018 world Cup showed an obscene gesture (VIDEO)

Робби Уильямс на церемонии открытия ЧМ-2018 показал неприличный жест (ВИДЕО)

British singer Robbie Williams showed the finger during the opening ceremony of the world Cup in Russia.

The Tape is

R. Williams spoke at the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow before the first match of the 2018 world Cup between Russia and Saudi Arabia. He sang several songs, including Rock DJ.

British singer Robbie Williams showed the middle finger to the camera during a speech at the opening ceremony of the FIFA world Cup 2018 in Russia.

The gesture of the artist, who spoke for a few minutes before the start of the match, caused a stir in the network.

“Hey the Russians the 2018 world Cup: singer Robbie Williams invited to a concert on the occasion of the opening, in a live broadcast, greeted the Russians with an obscene gesture. Well, he just adhered to the local traditions: this is what the Russians have to watch 24 hours a day,” – wrote in the Telegram channel, Deputy Director of the situations modeling Agency Alex golobutsky.

In the opening ceremony of the championship was attended by President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

We will remind that TV channel “inter” to find out who will be supporting Ukrainian stars.

Alexander Stoyanov, Prime Minister of the National Opera of Ukraine: “a high level of Football is also a kind of art. That’s why I enjoy watching big tournaments such as world Cup or Champions League. This year I’ll be rooting for the national team of Egypt. The star of the team Mohamed Salah has had an extraordinary season, but sustained an injury in the final match of the Champions League. I believe that Fortuna is obliged to repay him at the world Cup – 2018”.

Igor Voevutsky from the group “the Aviator”: “love Football since childhood. Played when I was in school, happily joined the team of artists “Maestro”. The position of left midfielder. Now more watching than playing myself. The world Cup will have to watch. Favorites – England and Germany.”

Dmitry Todoryuk watching football not always, but with interest. “I have all, rather the opposite: the last time to play football love more than to watch being played by someone else. Used to follow all the games now – as far as. But if you accidentally get on the game, be sure to watch!”, he said.

Andrew Watchman considers himself a true football fan. “As a true football fan, I just can’t miss world Cup matches! I sincerely believe it the main sporting event this year. Going to root for the team, which I’m fascinated since childhood, Brazil. In its current composition played by Fred, taison, Douglas Costa, Willian – ex-players of football club “Shakhtar”, and this is my favorite team! Brazil besides haven’t spoiled their fans with success at the world Cup. I believe their time has come and they “will shoot” in this year! See them in the finals, at least. I think it is very interesting to get to the final match between Brazil and France. The French recently pleased with the game: why are only Grisman and Pogba. Interesting to see, how accurate will be my prediction. Notice that I’m rarely wrong…”, he said.

Roman Kademin, the commentator of the world Cup in 2018 in Ukraine, host of “Big Boxing”: “For me football is sport number one. But the world Cup is something special. Understand that here and now contains the best teams, best players and coaches. It is very spectacular and cannot be missed. And personally I worry about the Egyptian Mohamed Salah. It really flared up in this season. And he needs to prove himself at the world Cup. If fully recovers from injury, we will see his incredible game.”

“I love to watch football the stadium, with friends. That’s where the real emotions and passions! Always cheer for the national team of Ukraine. Even in the moments when the ball is not on our side of the street, I’m still with our kids – with all my heart. And since early childhood I love football club real Madrid. Therefore, in the world Cup this year will support the Spanish national team,” says Zlata ognevich, the singer.

Irina Yusupova, leading the program “Morning with inter” must see 2018 world Cup, while in football a little that understands.

“I’m not a fan and don’t know much about football. But this championship I will look necessarily. And your favorite I have – the team of Egypt! I am sick – and suddenly! That would be a breakthrough! And all because of one man, the leader of Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah. In Kiev, his tears when he due to injury could not help his team in the match with real Madrid, has seen it all. And they also touched. So Salah – forward! Egypt – the champion!” she says.

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