Road clearing services national highway

 Дорожные службы  расчищают национальные трассы

Road service in emergency mode, clearing the national highway. In some places the snow thickness reaches 10 centimeters. The Minister of economy and infrastructure checked the condition of the roads Chisinau-Leuseni.

“All roads cleared. You can drive to the border and back,” – said the Minister of economy and infrastructure, the Premier.

On some roads ice was formed. Drivers are urged to obey the speed limit, taking account of weather conditions. And road services a lot of work.

“A lot of transport, it is difficult to work. Clearing the road half past six in the morning”

“Already cleared about 250 miles of roads”.

Representatives of the State highways say traffic will not be limited on one track.

“Drivers of special vehicles are working under incessant rain. Technique is used to complete. Drivers travel on trucks not designed for such weather conditions and block the road. Workers have to rescue them from drifting instead of doing their job,” said Director of state administration of roads George Kurmey.

Check the condition of national roads on the official website of the state Administration of roads. The image showing in real time 40 video cameras.