Riddick (C8) with Vin Diesel : how to find your way in this saga of science-fiction ?

Riddick (C8) avec Vin Diesel : comment s'y retrouver dans cette saga de science-fiction ?

Tonight, C8 diffuse Riddick actor Vin Diesel. This science fiction film is part of a saga of three films, an animated film, two video games appropriate, a series and a fourth film planned… It’s been a bit much ? It helps you find yourself in this franchise !

The saga Riddick carries the brand of Vin Diesel, as he carries on his shoulders. The actor does not loose the idea to re-enlist for a new and fourth film in order to broaden this universe that is close to her heart. Why make such a commitment ? Because it’s Pitch Black, released in 2000 and first part of the franchise of science fiction, it has been revealed to the public. Since then, Vin Diesel is the producer and initiator of each project with regard to this universe of science fiction with his partner, filmmaker David Twohy. These two men have surprised the world with Pitch Black, revealing a whole new world emphasizing the criminal Richard B. Riddick, anti-hero extra-terrestrial nyctalope (able to see in the dark) being chased by vile creatures.

If the success of this first film has not necessarily been to the appointments in the rooms, both on the side of the critics than of the public, the good DVD sales convinced Universal Studios to invest in a sequel. The producers have not asked Vin Diesel (available because it was removed from the project, 2 Fast 2 Furious) and David Twohy make a single film… but three!!! A request hosea in order that the character of Riddick gaining in depth over the opus.

With a nice budget of more than $ 100 million, Vin Diesel and David Twohy launch the filming of the sequel The Chronicles of Riddick. Considered as the starting point of a trilogy, this film was released in 2004 has been the ways that its predecessor did not have, and did not hesitate to do build sets grandeur nature, for its actors. But here, even if Vin Diesel is given at the bottom (it has itself made all of its waterfalls) this second film in the franchise proves to be a commercial failure at the box office.

About the bad score of the Chronicles of Riddick, if he wants to go out the second part of his trilogy, Vin Diesel can only count on himself. Dropped by the studios and forced to find new funding, the actor is going to go as far as to mortgage his own house to save the ship. They are going to start the shooting of the independent film Riddick, the second part of the trilogy (and the third film of the franchise), in February 2012. The film comes out in theaters in 2013 and welcomes its casting the awesome Dave Bautista (guardians of the galaxy).

The third film of the trilogy, as desired by Vin Diesel and David Twohy has not yet seen the light of day. He whispered in 2015 that the duo had started writing this last, entitled Furia (the name of the planet Furya, where is born the character of Riddick)… but since then, radio silence. The launch of a series derived from the universe of Riddick on the daily life of mercenaries and bounty hunters, entitled Merc City, was also mentioned.

In addition to these three achievements in live-action, an animated movie The chronicles of Riddick : Dark Fury (released in 2004 on DVD) is the bridge between the movies Pitch Black and The chronicles of Riddick. Vin Diesel has lent his voice to the famous character. Two video games are also out to complete this deductible via the company Tigon Studios, founded by actor : The chronicles of Riddick – Escape from butcher day (the plot of which takes place before the events of the movie Pitch Black) and The Chronicles of Riddick : Assault on Dark Athena (which the story takes place between the game Escape From Butcher Bay and the film Pitch Black).