Revealed the secret twine Volochkova

Раскрыт секрет шпагата Волочковой

Russian socialite and former ballet dancer Anastasia Volochkova regularly demonstrates to the public the crown twine to hide the flaws of their figures.

This opinion was expressed by the psychologist Elena rykhal’s’ke, commenting on a photo of Russian socialite, reports the observer.

“Twine – skate Volochkova. From a visual point of view, it has a very broad masculine shoulders. So when she spreads her legs in the splits, the shoulders look, the figure looks more proportional,” explained rykhal’s’ke.

Commenting on the huge popularity of these images in social networks, the psychologist said: “People need a positive. Someone like, someone might laugh at her is also a positive reaction – the beauty or gossip with a plus sign… If you have negative emotions, use the Internet and see the photos Volochkova”.