Revealed the main mystery of Stonehenge

Раскрыта главная загадка Стоунхенджа

Scientists made a sensational statement

Archaeologists have discovered the purpose of volkonskih drums of ancient stone cylinders whose age is 4-4,6 thousands of years. It turned out that the tribes living in the North of England used them as measuring tools for the creation of megalithic monuments, including Stonehenge, reports the Daily Mail.

The cylinders are covered with intricate carvings, was found in 1889 in a child’s grave Dating from the Neolithic, and since then has been repeatedly studied. However, just now researchers have identified what these artifacts were used. Scientists have measured the circumference of each reel and found that, if seven times you wrap the rope the big cylinder, then the measured length will be equal to 3.22 meters. This is the number you get when you wrap a rope eight times the average cylinder or ten times the smallest, reports

According to archaeologists, the cylinders could be useful when creating trilithons at Stonehenge — the construction of three stones, one of which lies on the other two. The ancient people measured out the desired length, winding the rope around volkonskih drums or rolling them along the ground. This allowed them to be used for the construction of large stones of the same height. Currently, it is believed that all this was done “by eye”, without measuring instruments.