Revealed another danger of electronic cigarettes

Выявлена еще одна опасность электронных сигарет

E-cigarette vapor is not harmless

American scientist Jennifer Bailey, after research, concluded that passive exposure to e-cigarettes increases the likelihood of asthma attacks in adolescents with respiratory illness.

Middle and high school students with asthma, 27 percent more likely to suffer from attacks if exposed to a couple of other devices, according to Naked Science.

“Although we can not definitely say that these devices increase the asthma, I think if I was a parent I wouldn’t want to risk letting their children be with other people using these devices,” says the study’s lead author Jennifer Bailey (Jennifer Bayly).

According to scientists, contrary to the view that e-cigarette vapor is harmless, in fact, it contains the same chemicals that are in tobacco smoke, and particles that can irritate the body people suffering from asthma. A study published in the journal Chest.

For their study, Bailey and her colleagues used the survey data of youth in 2016, held in Florida. It was attended by about 33 500 high school students and slightly more than 36,000 middle school students aged 11 to 17 years. Among the respondents, it was revealed 11 830 students who reported that they have asthma. Overall, 21 percent of children with asthma admitted that he had experienced a seizure last year, and 33 percent stated that they had been exposed to secondary vapor electronic cigarettes. This influence was associated with a significantly increased risk of asthma attack, even after the researchers took into account other factors: whether Smoking adolescents and whether the effects of ordinary tobacco smoke.

The researchers noted that pairs in e-cigarettes contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine and many different flavors. Each of these substances associated with inflammation and irritation in the lungs that can affect people suffering from asthma people.

However, according to the representative of the American lung Association Sadrameli Christy (Christy Sadreameli) and Dr. Karen Wilson (Karen Wilson), a new study has underestimated the impact of the emitted pair of children, concentrating on the Teens, while that small children are unable to avoid this negative impact. In addition, for two years, the consumption electronic cigarettes and wapow grew even more and therefore there is a need for new, more global studies.