Return Nasirov will be one of the elements of the struggle for control of the GFS – analyst

Возращение  Насирова станет  одним из элементов борьбы за контроль над ГФС – политолог

The return of the Roman Nasirov to head of GFS negatively appear on the image of the anti-corruption reforms.

This commentary, ГолосUA said political scientist Ruslan Bortnik.

“Appeal to the government was necessary in order not to implement the decision of the court of first instance. That is not to restore Nasirov in office. Thus, the situation will be suspended. Quick decision on this issue should be expected. Before the election, we have less than three months and the situation Nasirov prior to that time will remain in limbo. During the election period and between elections, does not exclude the scenario in which the government could lose. At some point after the election of a new President Nasirov may again apply for this position. Real Nasirov return to work is estimated as extremely unlikely,” – said R. Bortnik.

According to him, the return Nasirov to head of GFS negatively appear on the image of many Ukrainian politicians and the image of the anti-corruption reforms.

“Despite the game around Nasirov, his real return to work is unlikely. This is a game in the style of ex-Prosecutor General Piskun with the possible return. This game will continue and will be part of the struggle for control over the SFS,” said R. Bortnik.

Recall, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine appealed the restoration of the Roman Nasirov as the head of the State fiscal service (GFS). This is reported by media, citing the press-Secretary of the District administrative court of Kiev.

This information have confirmed and in a press-service of the Sixth administrative court of appeal, as reported by “Ukrainian news”.

“Just before the appeal was filed,” – said the representative of the press service.