Researchers from Portugal found a way to slow down aging of the brain

Ученые из Португалии придумали способ замедлить старение мозга

Scientists learned how to repair the brain during neurodegenerative diseases and suspend the aging process.

It is reported NewFormat.

Experts have studied changes of the brain in genetically modified flies, which is a model of Alzheimer’s disease. It turned out that the nerve cells of the brain during this disease kills the body. Thus, he’s trying to protect healthy cells and rejuvenate.

This mechanism actively combats signs of aging and renews normal functioning of the brain. Scientists have learned that if artificially reinforce this natural “quality control”, that the brain has a chance to recover from a neurodegenerative disease or to rejuvenate.

Experts hope that their discovery will help to create an effective method of treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. But their number one task – to prove that this mechanism will work in the human body.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that scientists from the American experts at Duke University have carried out some research that could prove that the human body is also showing signs of aging starting from the age of 26.