Rescuers found lost in the Carpathian mountains skier from Germany

Спасатели разыскали потерявшегося в Карпатах лыжника из Германии

Rescuers managed to track down and find in the Carpathians informed zabrodivshego tourist from Germany.

About the successfully completed operation to search a lost in the Carpathians tourist from Germany was reported in the press service of the DSNs in the Transcarpathian region.

One of the rescue groups and found skier at 18:13 in the valley Urda in the direction of the village of Kosovo Polyana Rakhiv district.

Transportation of tourists to the village rescuers will be implemented in the morning, because now in the mountains there is significant avalanche danger and poor visibility.

Now tourist and lifeguards are in the house of foresters. The health of the tourist is satisfactory, the medical help he needs.

Also, on January 21, rescuers have found a tourist from Kharkov, who lost on 20 January in the area of mount Hymba that in Mizhhiria. Rescuers searched for the man all night and found him about 11:15 o’clock, and following day.

In addition, on 19 January, it was reported that near the village korostiv are, Skole district, Lviv region, lost two tourists, soon managed to find them.

“3:10 rescuers found the lost at the foot of mount Parashka. One of the tourists (male, born in 1987) died. The second (born in 1996) with frostbite two feet Skolevsky delivered in the Central regional hospital”, – reported in gschs.